Real Estate Help Center is about helping
families avoid foreclosure


Our main goal is to help families solve their problems with mortgage companies.

We know that each situation is unique, and each case is different. It is our duty

to understand the unique situations of each family and find the best solutions.

We are committed to helping families maintain their homes regardless of race,

social status, language, or legal status. We know the struggles of families are

real and we know families deserve to be heard and understood.

Although we may not be able to solve every problem, we look for alternative and

creative solutions that avoid the consequences of foreclosure.

Erick Beltran                                   Jose Fernando Herrera

CEO                                                     Marketing Director

Amy Lauro                                              Antonio Torres

Home Insurance Specialist             Public Relations


Alejandro Soules

 Real Estate Counselor


Lain Gray                                                           Jeanne Villamil

Cash Back Program                                        Real Estate Counselor

Sufen Lu

Real Estate Counselor


 Jose Lus Luevano                         Xavier Murillo   

Real Estate Associate          Home Relocation Program Counselor


Arely Martinez                                    Miguel Santiuste

First Time Home Buyer  Assistant              First Time Home Buyer  Assistant