Residential and Commercial loan Products

Our business partner is a direct private capital provider for residential and commercial real estate assets. We fund debt and/or equity structured transactions for unique or difficult situations. We have access to a conduit lending platform as well that allows us to fund deals that may not fit on our balance sheet but are still successful projects. This provides flexibility for you and allows us to always evaluate each deal individually and provide the best rate/terms available.


Residential Fix and Flip (Purchase and Refi)



Minimum Loan Amount $75,000
Maximum Loan Amount No maximum
Maximum LTV 80% to 90% of purchase price 100% of rehab 65% to 70% of ARV 85% of the as is value
Purpose Purchase


Lien Position First only
Timing (estimated) First deal:     10-21 days

Second deal:  5-10 days


Term 12 months
Location Nationwide
Interest Rates 7.99-12
Rehab Holdback 100% of Rehab Funds
Origination Fees 1 to 5  points
Amortization Interest only, no prepayment penalties
Recourse Recourse
Borrower Entity Entity Only
Minimum Credit Score 550 or higher