If you are a contractor and you want to increase your income, come join our network and you will have access to investors that are in need of your services.

We pride ourselves on combining Real Estate with helping families that you won’t find anywhere else. We are helping families financially, and at the same time, we are creating opportunities for Real Estate Investors to get involved in helping our community and experiencing real success in their Financial Freedom journey.

When you join REHC, you will gain our entire team’s highly skilled expertise and years of experience. Through our unique platform, the risk is effectively minimized, while the changes of success are maximized. And still, you have the complete control of your deals.

More than 80% of Real Estate Investors lose money during the learning process due to their lack of experience and other psychological factors. Our Real Estate Platform is constantly optimizing the existing parameters of our data and exploring new strategies to guarantee long-term success.



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  • REHC platform.
  • Back office.
  • Search Engine Optimization System.
  • Marketing link (landing page).
  • Professional email
  • Mail Merge Integration system
  • Educational and Training Campaigns
  • Unique CRM and Map Integration
  • Marketing Training
  • Free temporary office space upon booking and availability.
  • Free conference area.
  • Access to lender’s lists.
  • Preferred access to deals.
  • Mailbox and business address provided.
  • Notary Public
  • Spanish Partnering: Spanish-Speaking investors will partner with you and help you close deals with the spanish market.

• Associate Training (Fast CMA, Door Knocking, Negotiation, Closing, Marketing)
• Free Parking Space
• Security Code Access
• Fax Machine
• Tutorials
• Classes
• REHC Program
• REI Strategies
• Homeowner Assistance Programs
• Monthly In-House Classes

A Better Way To Work in Real Estate
We’ve built our automated Real Estate platform with the best programs and even the most experienced gurus are jealous of our results: we pride ourselves not only with combining Real Estate and helping families but also creating more opportunities for Real Estate Investors to not only help but have real success. Through the development of our fully automated Real Estate platform, we have consistently delivered outstanding results. We are committed to continuing to do so far into the future. lt is finally possible to get involved with our great network and marketing system, without any expertise of your own.



REHC has opened up the World of Real Estate Investing (and the excellent profits that come with it) with helping families like no other company has before. For a long time, the major investor in Real Estate has been the privileged, in-the- known few. Our platform is disrupting the entire industry because our main goal is to help families and resolve the loss of homes.


Our customers have enjoyed large profits. How is that possible? Our unique platform has great marketing tools, giving us opportunities without incurring marketing cost. By maximizing the reduction in marketing cost and by targeting the right deals, our platform provides great marketing results.


This opportunity truly is for everybody and the platform is simple and efficient.


No, there is no upsell. You will have a one-time processing fee for your tools and your monthly subscription.
  1. Assess to our Network events
  2. We help you set up your business entity should you need one.
  3. We will advise on how to protect your interest when it comes to dealing with property owners who have hired you using the right forms and procedures.
  4. We assist with Mechanical Liens should you have trouble collecting from a property owner
  5. You will be promoted on our website.

You can also join the Team as an associate.  Please see FAQ on the Associate Tab.

You will have the opportunity to make a bid and also the opportunity to JV (joint venture) with others on the Team.

Yes, you will be provided the education and mentoring should you need it.

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