ITIN No Credit

This mortgage offers a wide variety of financing options, competitive rates and quick approvals. We are award-winning, community focused lenders with proven success. We believe in building strong and healthy communities, and that starts with lenders who are committed to high performance. ITIN Mortgage Program details includes: residences occupied by the owners, purchase or refinancing with 30 year fixed rate.
In order to apply for a loan with ITIN number (With Credit or No Credit Score) the future buyer will need to present the following documentation:

  1. Valid passport (no matricula).
  2. ITIN letter (verify that the name and date of birth is correct).
  3. 2 (two) last years of tax returns (complete) along with their W-2.
  4. 4 (four) last pay stubs.
  5. 2 (two) last bank statements, you can also include a 401k retirement plan.
  6. Representation Agreement.
  7. Prequalification information sheet by the bank, we will provide that.

What types of properties qualify for an ITIN loan?

Typically the following property types are accepted as long as you occupy them as your primary residence.

  • Single family homes
  • Condos
  • Townhomes
  • 2-4 unit residential buildings

If you are buying a second home or a rental property, we likely will have a lender who can help finance those properties as well.

Whatever situation you are in, we are here to help our community.
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