As a Real Estate Investor with Real Estate Help Center, you will learn new RE investing techniques, Home Owner Assistant programs, advanced strategies, one on one “learn as you earn” mentoring, and a unique proprietary platform that will help you to escalate your business and help our community at the same time.

As a Real Estate Investor, you are aware of the frustration of not always having a solution! This is where Real Estate Help Center is different. You will learn our advanced strategies, techniques, and REHC programs that will help every family regardless of the property equity or lack thereof. Real Estate Help Center does not walk away because the “numbers don’t work”. We have a solution for every distressed family and every distressed property.

When you join Real Estate Help Center, you will have our COMPLETE system ready to go! We will provide HOT leads and will provide you with educational and informational marketing tools to contact homeowners with. We will help you to identify the problem they have, get the property under contract, and resolve the problem and ultimately increase your portfolio. You will learn all of the different Homeowner programs that are available for distressed homeowners.

Also, our platform can help you to create, grow and manage your very own team. If you want to help your community and learn as you earn, subscribe with us! The sky is the limit!



Register and fill out the form


Upon reviewing our Service Agreement, please sign if you agree to our Terms and Conditions.


You will receive a Welcome Letter and Instructions


Go to and scroll to the Login button.



  • REHC platform.
  • Back office.
  • Search Engine Optimization System.
  • Marketing link (landing page).
  • Professional email
  • Mail Merge Integration system
  • Educational and Training Campaigns
  • Unique CRM and Map Integration
  • Marketing Training
  • Free temporary office space upon booking and availability.
  • Free conference area.
  • Access to lender’s lists.
  • Preferred access to deals.
  • Mailbox and business address provided.
  • Notary Public
  • Spanish Partnering: Spanish-Speaking investors will partner with you and help you close deals with the spanish market.

• Associate Training (Fast CMA, Door Knocking, Negotiation, Closing, Marketing)
• Free Parking Space
• Security Code Access
• Fax Machine
• Tutorials
• Classes
• REHC Program
• REI Strategies
• Homeowner Assistance Programs
• Monthly In-House Classes


No, there is no “upsell”. You will have a one-time setup and processing fee and your monthly subscription for your tools.
When you join our team, we will mentor you every step of the way. Though we have classes and training, we have discovered the best way to learn is through experience. You will capitalize on our experience and learn and earn at the same time!

In other groups, you will learn what to do with a property but with us, you will learn what to do with a family! In addition, you will learn various Homeowner Assistance Programs and our very own unique and creative Real Estate Investing programs that other groups do not have.

There are different type of investors, but as the traditional investor investing in SFH (single family homes), the goal is to make as much profit as possible without engaging with the homeowner and their problems. Many transactions cannot be closed by the typical investor because the investor does not have a solution for the family. A Real Estate Counselor is familiar with Real Estate Investing techniques and very knowledgeable with Homeowner Assistance Programs. They resolve problems that are in the best interest of the homeowner and family members.

The biggest asset to any company is the people.  If you want to go further and FASTER, build a team.  With our system, it is easy to manage and coordinate your team.   You will have a back office to assist you.  We will teach you and provide you with all that you need for this type of marketing campaign.

Yes, if they contact us and cooperate with us. It may not always be the solution that they would like, However, we are committed to doing what is in the best interest of the family.

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